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Passing the work on

January 21, 2016

kittenIn 2016, Support New York will be winding down as a collective after more than a decade.  We will periodically check the email to potentially help find suitable medical or counseling resources, reading & resource lists, explore accountability options with the perpetuator(s).  In addition to providing our accountability curriculum to many Transformative Justice organizations, we have occasionally mentored other groups doing processes and could do so on a case-by-case basis in the future.  All of the resources we use in our curriculum we will post online for the public as well as a PDF of the full curriculum once it is available.  We have a network of people we maintain contact with to collaborate on various projects including helping with safer space teams at special events so you may see us around from time to time. <hand waving emoji>

UPDATE: The curriculum is now available online as well as for download as a PDF.

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