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Sound Wave #4: Benefit for Support NY

June 11, 2011

MORENO and MATA are just two of the people who get away with rape every day in our country. We are furious with and disheartened by the omnipresence of rape and sexual assault in our culture and society and we will NOT shut up about it. Come out and make some noise while benefiting SUPPORT NEW YORK, an organization dedicated to supporting victims when our justice system falls short.

Death by Audio
42 S. 2nd St. BROOKLYN
Thursday, June 16th
all ages

L to Bedford
JMZ to Marcy
G to Broadway


baked goods for sale! (write on the facebook wall if you want to donate yours)

all proceeds from ticket sales benefit SUPPORT NEW YORK

“Support New York is a collective dedicated to healing the effects of sexual assault and abuse. Our aim is to meet the needs of the survivor, to hold accountable those who have perpetrated harm, and to maintain a larger dialogue within the community about consent, mutual aid, and our society’s narrow views of abuse.

We came together in order to create our own safe(r) space and provide support for people of all genders, races, ages and orientations, separate from the police and prison systems that perpetuate these abuses. We believe that experts are not always able to provide everything we need, and that all of us are capable of helping each other heal. This is an open call for anyone who needs support.”

Linked from Permanent Wave. We are really excited about this!

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